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Mon, Feb. 25th, 2008, 05:08 am
just one minor thing

why isn't brad renfro ever included in the in memoriam montages on recent award shows, including the oscars just now? i dunno. i just find it odd, since heath ledger is always included. (not comparing the two, but, y'know. i thought apt pupil was pretty good..)

i've been down with a cold all weekend long. moo. going to take tomorrow off as well to make sure i rest and get the sniffles completely out of my system.

i really haven't seen enough nominated movies to comment much on the award show. we saw there will be blood last night. it was very strong. daniel day-lewis was very... daniel day-lewis. and i saw juno a few weeks ago. not my cup of tea, but cute, i guess.

meh. too much effort typing. will now keep watching. is it johnny depp, yet??