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Thu, Mar. 27th, 2008, 11:35 pm
wee satay

currently, things are a bit stressy and messy at work. or, well, i'm simultaneously having a fabulous time at work, while also having a bunch of moments where i just want to go "FRRRR!!!" to some people. eh, it'll pass. i'm a grown-up.

also, i'm going through round 2 of trying to get my brother a job (round 1 was in october) to try and make our parents stop worrying their asses off that he's about to starve to death in my apartment. eh. right. eh, it'll all sort itself out shortly, i'm sure.

luckily, i have marp to vent to, so i spend a lot of time holding annoyed monologues about how people annoy me half to death right now. except marp, of course.

marp is the bomb. :)

Conclusive proof that we are MEANT TO BE (hahahHAHAAAAA!):

we both get equally excited by finding a huge, random sale on pesto, peanut satay sauce, and sweet-n-sour sauce, and think it completely reasonable to buy an enormous amount of each with us home just because hello.. what a bargain! nevermind the fact that our current open jar of pesto is half-full and has been that way since before christmas...

we also both get equally excited by my plan to keep our kitchen ridiculously wellstocked in a way that will make our kitchen cupboards look like grocery store shelves.(thank goodness for major chain grocery stores with bargains-a-plenty!)

eh, what can i say. we like to hoard. because somewhere deep inside, i feel better knowing that even if shit happens and i lose my job one day and we end up broke and destitute, or, you know, if poland invades sweden, we will have enough tins and jars and cans and bottles and plastic containers with food stocked so that we'll be fiiiiiine.

or something like that. hahaha.

our loot earlier tonight!

so, for those counting: that's 10 jars of peanut satay sauce (+ 1 i bought a week or so ago), 5 jars of sweet-n-sour sauce, 6 jars of green pesto, and 1 jar of pesto rosso.