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Tue, Apr. 8th, 2008, 10:59 pm
edith backlund

i'm really enjoying the new cd by edith backlund! i caught her on a morningshow on sunday and liked her before she'd even finished singing the first sentence of her song. when i went to her myspace, i saw that she lists regina spektor, feist, pj harvey, joni mitchell, the cardigans, tori amos, portishead and suzanne vega as her influences.

i would say i can mostly tell the tori amos influence with a young, poppy feel. i like very much! go listen!

unfortunately we couldn't catch her release party tonight since we had a chocolate tasting event already scheduled (it was AWESOME!), but we did get to the venue afterward and managed to be let in for free just so we could buy the CD at the door. as luck would have it, she played one last live encore while we bought the CD, so we caught a freebie live song before the guards hinted that we needed to either pay or leave.. hehe.

anyway. enjoying muchly! so far i mostly like a song called "amen" that isn't on myspace, but there are several more tracks that i enjoy. she's not as quirky and strong vocally as other solo-women that i adore, but she's definitely a nice new find with potential.

ok. need real food now. eating fantastic chocolate for 90 minutes was awesome, but now i'm really lusting for some proper food...