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Sun, Apr. 27th, 2008, 07:27 pm
soft food


for some, eating only soft food would probably suck. not me. it's an excellent reason for a pancake and icecream breakfast! MMMM, paaancakes.

also, we're having thai curry massamun soup with veggies and rice for dinner. mmmmmm, soft squishy fooood!

i feel pretty okay, albeit sore and a bit mushy. i haven't had the fake tooth in all weekend because i feel weird about it. i'll try and use it tomorrow when i have to go to work.

i've been getting used to the gap, so i might be okay with only wearing the fake tooth when i feel i need to make a good impression, like when holding introductory classes with new employees and at meetings and such. i mean, who will care if i have a gap when i'm just working on the computer, right?

mainly, i prefer to be sans fake tooth because it feels weird when i eat and i worry about biting down on it and breaking it - it's made of plastic, but quite thin, and if i break it, it's probably gonna be tough (and costly) to have it replaced.

i have to wait 6 months to have the new tooth implant thingy procedure so.. i figure i might as well get use to (and make other people used to) the gap now than later if i break the fake thingy.

plus, i feel like food gets stuck in the plastic thingy more.. ugh.

except... without the fake tooth, i look like a troll. a nice troll. but still. a troll. hahaha. eh, i'll live. (i do have bouts of "OMG i am disfigured and will never ever have a nice smile again!" angst, but i've found that lots of cuddles from the SO is helping with curing that..)