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Wed, May. 21st, 2008, 08:12 pm

my god, i'm leaving for london again already tomorrow afternoon! amazing.

we got back to sweden monday afternoon, shared a pizza and then promtply fell asleep for 13 hours.

yesterday i spent the day with my fellow trainer at a sister-site learning how to train other people in doing a proper problem solving process. to help us through a proper trainer from the main office in france (an english woman i've met several times over the past year during trainings, she's fab) is here to teach us training tricks and make sure we don't miss anything. it was really fun to learn, but my brain was still reeling from the weekend.

today i got to work early so that erik and i could co-train the problem solving process with 12 co-workers. basically, he trained them in half of the steps, i trained them in the other half of the steps, leading them through massive excercises (like brain storming or showing them how to work with proper documents to track possible solutions to problems). my brain is KNACKERED.

so now, joy oh joy, i've put some laundry in and am about to call dad to help pay his bills. we've done this process for years now - i call him up and he reads me the payment information on each of his invoices and i pay them through his internet bank. so i'm looking forward to a lot of "ok, invoice nr 0...0..0....7...6....6.....8....3..." etc... haha.

and then i have to pack again. luckily, now i totally know what to pack (my toiletteries are still in a sealed bag from the last london trip!) so that should be quick.

i'd also love to do a write-up tonight of the last trip. i had so much fun (meeting redjanet and lowredmoon was a definite high point, they rock!) and bought many cute knick-knacks.

this weekend, we're doing the same flights we did last time and staying at the same hotel, so now we totally know how to make it all work - what buses to take, what to expect, etc. it's great! we also have a much better idea of what stuff we want to have time for this time around.

i hope the weather will be better so i can take more photographs this time. i especially can't WAIT to visit leak street to photograph the street art at the cans festival, put together by banksy.

i've grown a bit banksy-obsessed, actually. we bought six small print versions of some banksy street art at the spitalfield market (LOOOOOVE the spitalfield market, and brick lane, and uptown market! we spent all of sunday there going nuts with the shopping and picture taking, can't wait to go back this weekend!). one of the men selling the prints tried to instruct me on where to go see a real banksy nearby but i never found it (somebody had apparently tried to tear it down to steal it, so maybe it's gone already).

i did finally see a banksy on the way to the airport on monday though (this one, MAYBE, can't remember now.

anyway. so, yeah. ugh, need to probably go put the laundry in the dryer now. ciao.