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Sun, May. 25th, 2008, 08:15 pm
last night in london-itis

well, there ya go. last night in london. we're leaving to for our last sparks-show in 15 minutes.

i have to hand it to the band - i was only just familiar with them before this, but after 5 live shows in a week with sparks... well, they're pretty damn awesome. they really, really pull it off live, and even though i barely know any songs, it's hilarious to spend an hour in their company along with 300-800 fanatics bouncing and singing along. amazing energy. :)

we just got back from spending 7 hours walking around brick lane, up market and old spitalsfield market, again. best way to spend a sunday. today i bought a bag from artful badger at brick lane - a href="http://www.artfulbadger.com/page7.htm">the pink skull bag</a> down this page. hehe. yesterday we spent most of the day at the tower and later at portobello road in notting hill. friday was mostly spent around waterloo station photographing hundreds of street art thingies at the cans festival.

it's been a great weekend in london, again. and now... off to the last show (for us)! the show is for the album called "no 1 song in heaven" and was produced by georgio moroder, so i'm hoping for a disco glam extravaganza! hehehe.