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Mon, Jun. 9th, 2008, 11:16 am
calamity jennie


i spent the morning gluing tiny pieces of velcro onto these wadded papper-balls that i dyed a month ago. they're for a project at work intended to help agents show when they've made a sale. obviously, nobody will actually end up using them and i will have wasted many hours (and braincells - this glue is STRONG!) of my life, but whatever.

i like the part where a gust of wind flipped over the papper sheet and made a mess out of the velcro-bits with glue. that was probably the best bit about my morning. hahaha. it's one of those days where tiny, clumsy things go wrong - you know, big water splash on my shirt just when i have to leave, almost falling out of the car onto the ground, etc.

this afternoon i'm going to a CHIROPRACTOR. i fell down last monday and twisted my ankle kind of bad (it's still a bit sore), so marp insisted that i go see a chiropractor about it. (insisted as in called me from the chiropractors' office and handed the phone to the guy who promptly coerced me into scheduling an appointment. frrr! hahaha.)

after that, i get to meet up with dr evans and his wife, who are visiting from north carolina! dr evans was my college advisor, and the very first professor i met on my first day in america at north carolina central university more than 10 years ago (januari 1998). dr evans rocks. i'm so excited to meet him again - it's been 4-5 years since i last could visit north carolina (fingers crossed for next year!).

anyway. at least the weather is still gorgeous. it's been a wonderful weekend. we spent it mostly on the balcony amidst flower bursts and pillows. we ate a lot of crispy watermelon and homemade tacos and roasted veggies and berries and tsatziki and loads of other yummie stuff. and we washed it all down with bacardi breezers and wild strawberry cider. yum!

i really, really enjoyed the weekend. i hope you did too. :)