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Thu, Jun. 12th, 2008, 12:58 am
miss kylie

i think this might be the most superglam concert-photo i've ever taken, haha. (can't wait to play with it in photoshop, though!) :D

i just got back from the kylie minogue concert. it was a good show, albeit incredibly uneven ..she sang 'cobacabana.' yeah. no, i'm totally serious. the barry manilow song. it was.. sad. i knew she wouldn't do something like "where the wild roses grow" or my teen-fave "better the devil you know," but she so should have done "confide in me" rather than fucking COPACABANA... and she did something like 13 costume changes. heh. don't ask me why.

i've always felt that kylie's always tried very hard to be the australian version of madonna. this still rings true, right down to having way many numbers where the dancers don bondage gear. there's also a bit of gwen stefani-rip offs thrown in for good measure, but without the quirky gwen-attitude (she did an entire number with cheerleaders and football gear-dancers, but without a song like "hollaback girl," it didn't quite make much sense).

...and... she probably had one of the weakest singing voices i've ever heard live (i think only julianna hatfield had less of a voice, haha, or maybe victoria bergsman). but whatever. it was a spectacular show and i quite enjoyed it, at least toward the last half. big shows really aren't my thing (i don't like over-rehearsed singing where every move is planned in advanced), but i knew going in that it'd be big and expensive and visually stunning, and it was just that.

and i really enjoy having seen kylie. so, there ya go.

next concert is friday when i go see dolly parton, WOO! i probably won't have pictures because my seat is quite some ways from the stage, but whatever. will be fun! and help me not miss marp (who's off to the hultsfred rock festival tomorrow). hrm. as if. :)