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Thu, Aug. 28th, 2008, 08:03 am

i'm in deep party-planning mode right now. i was asked to organize a company evening picknick and, well, it's finally here. we hope.

it's rained all night so people keep saying it won't happen, but i've studied weather-reports all week long (including looking at satelite images of clouds and whatnot and trying to figure out where they're going and why) and it's SUPPOSED to clear up over the day and reach a decent temperature.

we've ordered the food for 90 people, i've bought 30 blankets from ikea, and have organized entertainment (3 guys from work will run a music-game among the blankets where they play intros to songs that people have to guess on. they'll also do a cheesy callcenter-medly of abba's "ring, ring," stevie's "I just called to say i love you," and the newly adapted song "No headset, no cry"... hahaha).

please send good weather-thoughts toward stockholm today, okay? i don't even like to attend company events other people throw, but now that i've been sucked into this, i want it to be goooooooood. gah. stress.