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Fri, Aug. 29th, 2008, 06:01 am

Since I can't seem to go back to sleep, here's an update on the picnic: it went well despite, well, despite everything! Food was delivered too early to the wrong place and was missing 60 sandwhiches that we suddenly had to pick up ourselves... A coffee thermos poured coffee all over our kitchen and the boss's car...

Once we got to the park, the wind was crazy strong, and we had to move everything into the woods and I had to stay on the field to direct newcomers where to go... And then it lightly rained so ppl chickened out a bit so 'only' about 50 of 75 showed up...

But in the end, things turned out great! Due to less ppl, we could skip any need moderation and could utrot beer, wine and food loose. Yey!

We had 3 co-workers with guitars run a 3-part music contest that we ended with a big prize ceremony, then a big singalong when they played the right answers, and then they finished with the lovely callcenter-parody 'no headset, i cry!' which was a big hit. :)

Then a burst of rain got everybody moving fast! We had so much food and blankets and trash and leftover soda and whatnot, but everybody pitched in and we cleared the space we used entirely despite the dark, and despite having to lugg it all across a big field to a cab that we loaded with all but the trash (even two small tables!).

All in all, despite a LOT of stress, I think I can declare it a success. Yey! Now if only I could get some more sleep...