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Sat, Sep. 27th, 2008, 10:05 am
unwind, rewind, start again

i wrote this last sunday:

"okay, SERIOUSLY. this past week has been so over-the-top exhausting, i've yet to even remotely feel rested and it's already sunday. i had to prepare like crazy most of the week because i was holding my first 3-day class training co-workers in how to coach and leadership-stuff."

and then i fell asleep and then another very busy week happened and suddenly i find that it's saturday. wow.

i'm still exhausted. i do lots of falling asleep on the couch, for instance. but most of the things exhausting me are pretty fun things, so i guess it's worth it. we'll see if i say the same thing in the middle of november, which is the first time i won't have every week planned in detail.

this is what i've been up to:

  • trained two classes of that three-day course i'm teaching to teamleaders at work. it's a really good training for the most part, where i get to mix teaching theories about learning cycles and behaviour with practical excercises and group discussions. it's still approx. 22 hours where i have to talk and think and explain and constantly guide the group forward and try to figure out what examples and group discussions will motivate that particular group of people.

    i have 8 more three-day trainingsessions planned for the coming next 6 weeks, which includes 4 sessions at other offices in sweden, which means i'll be "on the road" for a bit. buh.

  • saw emmylou harris on monday. it was really good. duh. :)

  • spent tuesday and wednesday cleaning lots at my old apartment. my brother is supposed to live there and continues to pay half the rent, but he's been back in our hometown staying with mom and working for his old boss since may. he insists he's moving back here in januari (!), so we're keeping that apartment for now. however, i don't want to have to pay half the rent and utilities for an apartment i haven't lived in since spring 2007, so i finally decided to get a boarder. my brother left the place a MESS, though, so there was a lot of cleaning to do. sigh. asshole.

  • thursday i did the usual training, and then spent my lunch doing a 45 min trainingsession on how to use our scheduling system with some newbies. then more training. 10 hours later, i met up with my new boarder who came in straight from dublin (he's danish, though. or rather, eritrean, then danish.). he turned out to be a very nice man, and seemed to like the room and apartment, so i guess all the cleaning paid off. and he paid the first month's rent, so for the first time ever, that old apartment won't cost me anything. phew!!

  • yesterday i worked lots and then in the evening we went and saw the kransky sisters! i do love this australian comedy act. they're so deliciously odd, and they make really fun covers using a saw, a tuba and a guitar. hee!

  • today we're going to a christening.

    okay. that's about it. now that i feel up-to-date, i might eventually work my way back to actually having something interesting to post, heh...