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Mon, Oct. 27th, 2008, 01:26 am
cyndi! :D

cyndi lauper was so damn good. i've been waiting for this concert for months and months and months and she sure delivered. fantastic energy, huge voice, and fun stage banter. loved it. i got some pictures, as you can see (unedited, though), as well as the setlist (thank you, roadie!).

the opening acts were really fun too: rosie and the goldbug (fun, eccentric, off the wall tori-esque vocalist paired with a seriously kickass female drummer = woo!) and the dø (the girl sounded like milla jovovich, the style of music felt a bit like ca 1995 pj harvey with some extra funk.. i liked it for the most part, except when they got too into "jamming" and less into, eh, actually finishing a song in a timely fashion. haha).

lots of swedish celeb-spotting to be done in the audience. the entire current cast of swedish "idol" was there, as well as kitty jutbring (it was very cute, she's a kid tv presenter that's had cyndi lauper 80s hair for the past, oh, decade, so i figured she'd show up, and sure enough.. :)), and the hives, haha...

rosie and the goldbug

the dø

let me know if it's too pic-spammy and i'll put it behind a cut?