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Tue, Nov. 4th, 2008, 11:33 pm
fired up!

nymsa posted this (thank you!) and i've watched (and cried, hahaa) twice so far. this is so good.

the election coverage on a specific swedish channel that i've planned to watch just started. i'm so excited. i hate that i'll have to go sleep a few hours in the middle of it so i can make work, but i'm definitely planning on going the bleary-eyed route so hopefully i won't miss too much. i'm so excited. i wish i was at my college newspaper campus echo to wait it out and hustle with the new edition. while i love that obama is a good choice -period- (imnsho), as an alumn of a historically black college, this is so huge, and i can only imagine the energy level there right now.

sigh. did i mention i'm excited! (and am eating a honey pomelo. fun fruit!)