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Tue, Nov. 18th, 2008, 07:32 am
train-ing again

Fifth train-trip to another of our callcenters since early october. It takes about 2,5 hrs to get there and requires me to get up at 5 am to pack. Sure, I could pack ahead, but it's now so familiar, it only takes 5 minutes.

The tiny suitcase with wheels is permanently waiting out in the hallway, ready to go. I feel like an air hostess or something. I will make two more jobtrips like this before christmas.

I'm currently reading a swedish book ('the secret chef') about food. Or rather, about all the additives and weird industrial processes that most food today uses. It's very interesting.

The book has a different tone from Fast food nation that I read years ago. The author is mainly saying 'hey, why eat food that won't taste as good as more organic options? This is what you are paying for....' and, well, yeah. It does make sense that bread made properly with just a few ingredients, including stonemilled grain flour rather than bleached, processed grain flour with chemical additives to put the vitamins and fiber that were killed in the process back into the bread would taste better. Not to mention a bread that's been allowed to rest and rise properly rather than injected with stuff to make it rise in 15 minutes before baking and with stuff added to make it fake fresh soft for weeks.

So I'm trying to choose food I buy a bit more careful right now, and look for eco-friendly food that's been organically grown. It's more expensive, but not by so much that it's a reason not to buy it. It's pretty easy, too. There are a few large chains that have their own eco-brands, and there's a great place near Stockholm called Saltå-Kvarn that does loads of organic and ecological food.

We're really into their red quinoa (that + sugar snap peas + onions + radishes +frozen wokveggies in a pan with some chicken fillet bits, and then sprinkled with lemon olive oil and some raspberry vinegar is SO good, we've cooked it 5 times in a week...), and their stonemilled grains. And their oatmeal is so flavorful!

It did take me trying 4 different coffee shops before finding a properly organic juice to get for my train breakfast, but I did find one (and paid through the nose for it, boo.). Same with the yogurt.

So. Conclusion: food with on crap added costs more and takes a few minutes extra to find in the store, but then tastes way better and, I guess, is better for my health. Um. I probably shouldn't ramble this early...

(on saturday, we're going to a christmas market to shop, and afterwards Marp is taking us to saltå-kvarn to shop like crazy in their own store. We are ridiculously excited, haha. Yesterday, I exclaimed 'i heard they sell stuff in bigger containers in their own store than in regular stores! Cool, huh?' ... So sad. :)