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Wed, Nov. 19th, 2008, 06:40 pm
more food talk.

The good thing about travelling for work is that it's easier to save money since they pay for food, travel and lodging. The bad thing is.... Having to eat every meal out, spending endless hours on trains and not getting to spend my time off work with marp and our apartement.

It's hard to find good and healthy food when, like now, I'm visiting an office in a supersmall town with very limited options. It's pizza, burgers, kebab or salty overcooked sportsbar food drenched in sauce at ridiculous prices. Witness todays feast: overly fried chicken on caesar dressing-soaked lettuce with buttered and fried pieces of bread. Yum...


I realize this isn't a huge problem. I'm just whining. :) hey, at least the carrotsticks are good, and at least it's not my money. If it's not too icy out tomorrow I'll try going to a grocery store and buy some cereal and fruit instead...

It was so icy out last night that I had to call a cab to come rescuenme as I wasn't able to walk to the hotel! 'where to pick me up? Um... I'm by a bridge? At a crosswalk? Going out of town? Have the driver call me and I'll try and describe the area and maybe he knows where I am??'

Hehe. He found me. Phew.

In more sad news, I was informed last night that a co-worker passed away sunday. She was diagnosed with cancer rather abruptly in april, and I dreaded this outcome from the start as three people I know have had the same type of cancer and died. I was hoping she'd have a better outcome. Sigh. She was a wonderful woman, and will be missed. It feels strange not being at our office to talk and share stories with other co-workers.

Last night I was so exhausted I fell asleep in the middle of talking to mom on the phone. 'hello? Jennie? Hello? What's going on?? Hello??' ...'oh, i'm sorry, i, eh, i fell asleep. What were you saying?'


Alright. Can't pick out any more decent bits out of this 'salad'. Time to go back to my hotel room and watch tv and call Marp.

Cin cin!

Wed, Nov. 19th, 2008 06:00 pm (UTC)

Since I travel so much, and getting food that doesn't suck can be immensely difficult sometimes, I've taken to carrying granola bars and fruit leather with me in my purse and laptop bag. There have been several times where a granola bar and a piece of fruit from a coffee shop have been my dinner because I just couldn't face the scary food that I could find.