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Sat, Nov. 22nd, 2008, 11:02 am
Oh. Right. Snow!


I got back into town last night after a 2-hour delay on the train. We spent two hours standing still while emergency personel was, and I quote our train driver, "hosing off the tracks" at a station further along where there'd been an "accident" with another train. Yeeks. I found good company in the woman next to me and we spent the hours chatting away about her job as a part of the swedish justice system.

She's a judge, although in Sweden it's different than in the US so we have several "co-judges" that take on each case and together come to a decision. It was interesting to learn more about, and now I totally want to go watch some open proceedings just to learn more. It's pathetic how very few in Sweden have a real clue how our courtsystem works - through tv and film, we're experts on the American system, but none of us really grasp the swedish system.

Today Marp and I were going to drive to a big Christmas fair with loads of crafts and baked goods for sale and shop christmas gifts, and then to Saltå-Kvarn to buy more eco-friendly biodynamically grown food. Except we woke up to.. snow! Hahaha. I love how the little summer umbrella we forgot to take down now looks like a snowy christmas tree.

We haven't shifted the car tires into winter tires so... we're definitely not going anywhere. Instead, we're gonna cozy up at home (haven't seen him since monday!), clean up a bit, and oh, oh, we're gonna bake! I'm making bread, and also we have pre-made gingersnap cookie dough so we're making loads of ginger snaps to eat and to decorate and put up in red ribbons to make our place even more ready for christmas. Hehe.

Do you have snow yet?

Sat, Nov. 22nd, 2008 04:15 pm (UTC)

We had an odd snowfall in mid-October but then it warmed up another 15 degrees and blasted that away. There was a sprinkle of snow down recently but that's gone, too. It's staying just below freezing every day now, though, so real accumulation could be coming soon.