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Mon, Nov. 24th, 2008, 11:55 pm
concerts 2008 (and 2009)

we just bought our first concert tickets for 2009. yo, we're seeing the sisters of mercy! :D

i love how every time i feel like it's over and there can't possibly come any new concerts with artists i really want to experience but haven't had the chance to yet, something pops up and makes me all excited. yey!

the sisters of mercy haven't played stockholm since 1991! this is like cyndi lauper a few weeks ago - it was her first ever concert in sweden, so that was also something out of the blue and unexpected that i got to look forward to for months and months and months.

there are still loads of shows i could go to but haven't quite gotten in the mood for, but this is the first show of next year that really made me (and marp) go "ooh! oooooh!" instantly. yey!

best of all, my employer will probably pay for the tickets - my boss offered to buy me two tickets to a show of my choice as a bonus for my recent hard work doing that three day seminar all over sweden. this is definitely gonna be it.

while we didn't go overboard with concerts this year (by choice: honestly, we keep travelling and doing things so often that we now are making an effort to be more selective to try and open up more time for taking things slow and enjoying time at home), pretty much all of it was good this year:

2008 concerts:

- tegan & sara
- kent (3 shows this year..)
- kelly clarkson
- motoboy (! so good!)
- the hotel café tour with tom mcrae, carey bros, m ward and some other peeps
- sparks (6 shows in london, CRAZY-fun!)
- kylie minogue
- dolly parton
- charlotte perelli
- emmylou harris
- the kransky sisters
- cyndi lauper
- aimee mann

and next wednesday we go see ladytron. so, 21 shows total this year.

2007 concerts:

- the kransky sisters
- magnus uggla
- the hives
- säkert!
- kent (2 shows..)
- gwen stefani
- goose
- patti smith
- maria mckee
- maia hirasawa
- thomas dybdahl
- nine inch nails! (3 shows), ladytron opened 1 show
- regina spektor
- joanna newsom
- kristin hersh

so, only 17 shows last year.

so much for the "we're gonna slow it down"-theory. not to mention we saw "hamlet" in the theater, and "a midsummer night's dream" at shakespear's globe-theatre in london. and went to london twice. and malmö. and munich, germany.

anyway. mostly just wanted to gush about the sisters of mercy tickets! here's hoping it's good.. (also thinking of getting tickets for katy perry next year as well. hmm...)

Mon, Nov. 24th, 2008 11:46 pm (UTC)

yayy for concerts :)

NIN are touring again early next year, I have tickets to see them at a festival but am eagerly waiting annoucements of side shows.. yay for the trent love! :)

Tue, Nov. 25th, 2008 06:41 am (UTC)

Coolness. Our only overlap in that span is Ladytron. Someday it'll work out for me to see The Hives.