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Sun, Dec. 7th, 2008, 08:09 pm

HAHAHA, we are so smitten with auctions now. we spent the day at a proper auction with hundreds of thingies going by. of course, we went there to buy one thing (my beloved armchair! still no clue if we can get it inside our apartment yet... hahaha. we're gonna have to 3-D draw it and explore options. it's definitely a tight fit...) and ended up with a bunch.

we ended up buying the following (click for info in swedish and more, bigger piccies :)):

my beloved chair! after the auction, we still caught 3-4 couples entering the place and immediately walking up to our chair to ooh and aah, as it hadn't been marked as sold yet. it really is awesome. :D

a painting marp liked, and got at a quarter of the call-out price.

ok, no clue. a silver gravy spoon marp inexplically wanted. i figure it was auction-fever that got to him...

and two urns (alabaster) from late 19th century that i got, completely out of the blue. i got them at a fraction of the call-out price and they're very pretty in person. :D

that was it for the day. we're pleased. we also went and bought two lithographies on the website through webauctions:

fab fun art right up our ally, both of them. we have two other great lithography artworks by the last guy, hans arnold, a swedish "horror"-illustrator, so we're having fun. he tends to make really cool things where a main-picture is made up by loads of other things (such as this key-guy made of keys). we've run out of walls for art ages ago, but it's still fun to buy new stuff.

i got my chair! i got my chair! i am so happy.

Sat, Dec. 20th, 2008 12:11 am (UTC)

I LOVE that chair. I want.