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Sat, Dec. 20th, 2008, 12:44 pm
home for christmas

yesterday was nutty. we spent the morning packing and watering plants and cleaning out the refrigerator before hurrying to work.

i went to working dragging my wheely suitcase along, as well as two laptops (was returning one to work), my regular shoulderbag, and a plastic bag full of graded tests from the trainings i've done. it's a miracle that i didn't tople over even once...

while at work i managed to go by the auctionsite to pick up some 1962 army uniforms i accidentaly bought the other day (don't ask me why! ..i think it was mainly because they had cool buttons...) to store on our archive until i go back to work january 7. i also held a phone-meeting with a bunch of co-workers.

a cab-ride later i finally met up with marp at the airport around 6 pm so we could fly home to ronneby. this is his first time spending christmas with my family, hahaha - wish him luck! it really should be great - christmas eve will be spent with my aunt and my cousins and their families. i've always loved big noisy christmas celebrations with board games and too much food and whatnot.

the evening ended as we took a walk into the town centre of ronneby to eat some ronneby kebab for dinner. travelling is strange - one hour you're in stockholm at work, a couple of hours later we're strolling about in my hometown enjoying the decorations and typical ronneby-food. travelling rocks.

so. we're home for christmas. :D