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Wed, Jan. 7th, 2009, 06:55 pm
attempt no 2

we're making attempt no 2 to go back to stockholm tonight. we were supposed to drive back yesterday, but i unexpectedly got stuck doing work because i was stupid enough to check my work e-mail before packing up the laptop. d'oh. gave us time to watch harry potter #5, though, to finish off our HP-marathon.

it's been a really lovely holiday, and this extra day off has made me feel eager to get back as i feel very rested and happy. time to grab 2009 by the horns. so far, so good.

concerts lined up for the year: the gaslight anthem (in gothenburg with norweeeegian peeps, wee!! can't wait), the soundtrack of our lives, laleh, sisters of mercy, a comedy show, a production of "waiting for godot," morrissey in june, hultsfred rock festival in july, coldplay in august.

and i'm sure plenty more will come (fingers crossed for pj harvey since she's releasing a new album this spring). :)

ok. gotta finish packing up. we've stayed indoors for days and days because of the cold winter-weather, so luckily we haven't been able to shop and thus add to our load, but i did bake some blueberry-cranberry bread to bring back, yum...

7-hour drive ahead: we're gonna keep listening to my little sansa clip mp3-player. it took us until the first song beginning with a C to get us here, so we'll keep playing the tracks through, alphabetically, and that should keep us company through the snow and the dark. cin cin!

Thu, Jan. 8th, 2009 12:38 am (UTC)

Yay, the Norwegians :D :D :D Jeg gleder meg til å treffe deg, det er jammen på tide. :)