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Mon, Jan. 26th, 2009, 03:07 pm
a screw loose

well, so far this year, i've been crap with updates. hehe. :)

i just got back home a couple of hours ago after having a 2-hr long oral surgery done to put in the screw where my new front tooth will be in a few months (once the screw settles. hence "screw loose" ;)).

my dentist is very good and there ws remarkably little pain involved, but definitely drilling and tugging and other creepy things. i was covered in a green paper cloth so i couldn't see anything, but it's hard not to imagine what's going on. still. was fine. i now have a bunch of stitches and a shiny metal screw thingy sticking out. lovely.

my darling marp treated me to a taxi so i had a very smooth time going home while the numbness started wearing off. waiting for marp to come home so we can try have some homemade green thai curry and rice. :)

other than that, january is turning out pretty damn good. last night we went to a local church and watched Moto Boy in a beautiful, intimate concert. it was wonderful! he really has the most angelic voice, and watching a tall, skinny, striking guy in lipstick, leather playing an electric guitar in a church.. it was great.

today we managed to buy bruce springsteen tickets for this coming june. i've never seen him and can't even count myself as a casual fan because i know approx. 5 songs and own none, but so many i know love seeing him live, so i figured it was finally time. seems like a good way to spend a june evening.

we have so many things lined up this year! three pj harvey shows (stockholm, oslo and PARIS, wee!), coldplay, sisters of mercy, titiyo, jenny wilson, the gaslight anthem, miss li, a camp, laleh, the soundtrack of our lives, morrissey... plus a 3-day rock festival including the killers, REGINA SPEKTOR, and bunches of other fun bands and artists.

oh, and we're slowly starting to see if we can spend halloween in the us this fall. hee! and did i mention paris? aaaah, paris (speaking of, anybody have a paris hotel to recommend? the one i stayed in the last time was too budget, albeit cute and in a great location - anvers - but this time i'm bringing marp and want to stay somewhere that's just a tiny bit more chic than shabby)

anyway. feeling mushy and sore. time to rest and watch something stupid. season 1 of melrose place is apparently on tv! hahahaha. sounds good. i've taken sickleave for the next two days to rest up properly and have my gums heal a bit. ok. cin cin!

my screw!

Mon, Jan. 26th, 2009 07:58 pm (UTC)
somabish: thank you!

i was hoping you had a suggestion. will definitely check it out - it sounds like just what we're after. :D