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Wed, Feb. 4th, 2009, 10:03 pm
four years

today i've officially worked for my company for four years.

i'm glad to say i have nothing but positive feelings about this. my job is entirely different than what i applied for in the best possible way. only about a handful of people i worked with then are still with the company, but i have a very good circle of workmates to brighten up my days, and i really like my most immediate boss.

in short: i am SO happy i dared to quit my old telemarketing job back in my small hometown (after 2 years!) to move to stockholm, and i find it really funny and surprising that the only job advert i answered before moving up to stockholm turned into, well, this.

i now work as a trainer, which means i no longer work with one single project but rather with _all_ our customer service projects. i set my own hours, i set my own agenda for each day, and can pretty much do whatever i see fit. i have a great relationship with my boss who puts great faith and trust in me to the point where i work extremely independently and on whatever projects i want.

i honestly feel like i've happened upon my dream job. i just hope i can live up to my own highly set expectations of what i feel our standards for training should be. (and that i get to keep this job in it's current form for quite some time - hopefully this post doesn't jinx things, haha.) i currently have so many plans for what our projects and new employees need, and it's hard to make it all fit into a workweek, but i do my best as i juggle everything all at once.

while i am really happy with my current position, i guess i do see myself wanting to maybe eventually take one more step "up" to perhaps become a person that isn't just trainer for one site but rather be in charge of training for all our offices and thus getting to work more with the other trainings and, well, help make sure we all have similar material and standards. we'll see.

anyway. have trouble believing it's actually "only" four years because they have been so incredibly mixed (i've been an agent, i've been a teamleader, project coordinator, as well as a bunch of other things, until they created this role specifically for me a year ago). there have been times when i was told they didn't have a new project for me where i thought i'd be made redundant, and there have been times when i've work simultaneously on several projects, in charge over as many as 40 agents. and now, i just get to have FUN!

here's to four years. hopefully, my time with the company will continue like this. :)

alright, time to eat! marp is in the kitchen whipping up some homemade pad thai. i'm very curious to try the result. i think we're gonna watch die welle after that. last night i went and saw valkyrie, which turned out to be pretty "meh".. i've always really liked bryan singer's movies, but this one just wasn't very good...

Wed, Feb. 4th, 2009 10:59 pm (UTC)

Congrats! 4 years is a long time by today's standards and yayy for doing something you love :)