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Fri, Mar. 13th, 2009, 12:58 am
recent "addiction" #2

we keep buying art at live auctions. nothing major - we don't have that kind of money - but it's still remarkably fun. i just love the feeling where i can walk around and look at what's available and then get to fight and WIN the pieces that i fall for against other people in a live setting - way more fun than internet auctions. i love it when they go "going once, going twice.. sold to ----" and have it be meeeee.

it's also very easy for me to go look at stuff going on auction because there's an auctionhouse across the street from work, so i love going in there and checking out what things they'll auction out later that month.

things we bought at the last auction we went to a couple of weeks ago:

creepy nazi-fish by a swedish artist that we like to collect (our fourth piece by him):

hilarious "minotaur" by an italian artist called Enrico Baj!

seriously, it cracks me up everytime i look at it, and it's a surprisingly large piece too. i love those crazy neon-orange eyes (actually stickers, not painted). this one was hanging next to the fish, and totally won me over after seeing it there every time i went by to look at the fish. had to buy it.

and this one was such a whim - i saw it being called up without having seen it in person, and it was instant love, so i joined the bidding war without having a clue what it was.

turned out it's called "Maskeron zwei Genien gehalten" from 1544 (i know!) by Hans Sebald Beham. no clue if the actual print i bought is from 1544 since i know nothing about etchings and engravings (it's a tiny bit damaged but the paper seems too wellkept to be that old, so i'm guessing it's some sort of reproduction? hell if i know, i know noooothing about this, as i said, but it really doesn't matter.)

it was just love on first sight when i saw the expressions on the cherubs and the demon in the middle, and the strong lines and shading. i was really surprised to discover after i won the bidding that it's a tiny piece - 5 cm x 7 cm. love it!

i'm going to have it framed with a really huge passepartout, because i love the idea of it taking up a lot of wallspace, yet the actual art being tiny so it'll automatically make you walk closer to really see the details.

anyone else have the live auction bug?