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Sat, May. 9th, 2009, 03:48 pm
time of my life.

i haven't got a clue how long it's been since i posted. it's not really important, though. (it hasn't been a conscious thing, just life. i know you all know what i mean.)

i just wanted to post today because i am so very, very happy and excited and pleased with the way life is going right now. i have some of the best days ever right in front of me, and i am beyond excited about it.

work has been really good, personal life has been even better, and then there's so many fun plans to take us through the year that i really can't stop being hyper.

last night, we went and saw the yeah yeah yeah's and it was a fantastic show. to be honest, i only ever listen to their song "maps" but i love it very much, and i've been really into karen o. and the way she plays with her movements on stage. i love a good performer, y'know?

and last night i got to snap a zillion pictures of her like i've wanted to for years and i got a few snaps that i really am pleased with (i'll put them at the bottom of the post). fun!

tonight, though? tonight i get to see polly jean harvey live for the first time ever! i've been a fan since i was a teenager (d'oh, many of you have been as well, i know :)), and really.. i've been a fan for more than half my life, now. and i FINALLY get to see her in the flesh.

even though she won't be doing her solo-stuff, i'm totally fine with it. it's just so great to see her live, period. it's one of those things where i'd go see her just stand still on stage for an hour breathing. :)

so, tonight i get to see her! actually, leaving a bit early (5 pmish, the show is at 9) to try and queue up so i am ensured an up close spot. now, whenever i get the chance to photograph my biggest artist-crushes, i always fail and get crap pictures, so please don't expect much because i am totally fine with knowing i'll be disappointed. it's getting to try at all that is awesome enough for me.

and tomorrow? tomorrow we go to oslo, norway, to see pj again and this time with my fave norwegians! (are we meeting up during the day/before the show?? no clue, haha, but i'd love to. must do proper touristing as well as marp has never been to oslo! :o)

monday, we're also staying in oslo to sight-see some more. and on thursday evening? we go straight from work to the airport to fly to paris and stay until next monday evening, and we're seeing pj again next sunday!

and the week after that we have some swedish holiday which means i'll pretty much only work a day and a half that week and then be at home to do fun stuff like assemble our 7 new bookshelves, and plant a zillion flowers on the balcony.

and this is just MAY! this summer i'll go to a zillion concerts, have more summer holiday time in july and august, and just have a great time in general. (today we found out sparks have created a musical about INGMAR BERGMAN for swedish radio and will perform it sometime in stockholm in september, marp is beyond excited)

in the fall, we hope to spend halloween in the us. etc.

just a magical year.

did i mention i'm seeing PJ FREAKIN' HARVEY in, like, 5 hours?!! time to get ready! gonna finish watching the saturday night live special with christopher walken! hehehe! MORE COWBELL, BABIES!

ok. time for shower!

karen o. likes to spray water everywhere. quite impressive. :)