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Sun, May. 10th, 2009, 02:50 am
best. day. EVER.


i have finally seen pj harvey live.


my inner teenager is still shocked and awed.

she was amazing. absolutely amazing. and sweet! and smiley. and dancey. did i mention amazing?

when she played "taut" i freaked out, hahaha! it was just as great as i'd imagined it. afterwards i very loudly yelled "thank you!!" to her, at which she looked up at me and said "you're welcome!" and winked. at meeee! eye contact! with pj harvey! who spoke softly to meeee! oh, the magic of front row and center. :D

afterwards, we waited a bit by the bus and i talked to some nice fans and whoa, there was pj under a jacket running to her bus. after her came john parish ambling by and i asked him to please sign the setlist that i'd managed to get from some dude on stage, which he did. signed it, i mean.

despite attempts at making us not use cameras, i sneak-photographed quite a bit. and so.. really. i'm very proud to present some photo's taken by the happiest me ever. total dream come true. (and tomorrow we get to see her again, yey!) (they're clumsily watermarked because unfortunately some people are creeps with other people's pictures...)

ok. time to sleep. 4,5 hrs til we leave for the airport...

Sun, May. 10th, 2009 03:45 am (UTC)

yayy for finally getting to see Pj.. I haven't managed that yet..

and for sneaky photos, they are awesome :)