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Sat, May. 30th, 2009, 10:02 pm
summer = the bomb

summer has hit sweden in a big way this week, and we're all lapping it up like crazy. yesterday i left work early to meet up with marp downtown and just.. enjoy stockholm. it was lovely.

beaming sun, blue sky, and truck after truck with a load of drunk graduating high school students with hilariously loud music (aka SUMMER MUSIC, hehe, hello bon jovi eurodisco remixes and swedish summer hits..) going round and round the downtown water fountain, screaming, singing, dancing and spraying beer on each other and people standing too close to the street, hahaha. add some ben & jerry ice cream to munch on and things turned magnificent.

today we went to the tiny town center of our stockholm-suburb to listen to some swedish eurovision runners-ups do a few songs and cd signings. free concert = always fun, haha, even when cheesy. the best part was when the power went out milli vanilli-style in the middle of a song with alcazar, but they did save face by doing an a cappella 'not a sinner nor a saint.

picked up a few supersale dvds (penelope, vicky cristina barcelona, mamma mia! and muriel's wedding for the smashing total of $13), a cute blue reading light from the fleamarket.

homemade sallad w/pesto and grilled chicken = this day couldn't possibly be nicer. but then! AFTERNOON NAP with the sun making the room that lovely perfect temperature where you don't need a blanket..

hehe. happy times.