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Fri, Jun. 19th, 2009, 02:56 pm
midsummer notes

after spending most of last weekend at the where the action is festival being heavily rained upon and squished against first row-railings while watching pretenders and seasick steve and the pixies and neil young and el perro del mar and duffy and nick cave, sunday was spent sleeping like crazy and enjoying being at home.

monday, around noon, i left work and went to the airport to go to norway. i spent monday-thursday in norway, riding around on buses and trains and in cars to get between various small and adorable towns to train teamleaders at different call centers that belong to my main company.

on wednesday, i got to spend at least 5 hrs in oslo in the company of lovely friends (anja, stine och jane + amazing milkshakes FTW!), which was really the main reason i agreed to go to norway in the first place (yey, paid trip to casually see friends, hehe! and only having 2 hrs worth of work/day for a week was pretty much worth it, too..).

all in all, good trip, but a bit too much hassle with all the travelling, and i managed to get a bit unwell around wednesday, which is still happening, so at times it was less than great to have to be Elsewhere rather than Home. but last night i came home and got to snuggle with the marp and rest, and all is well with the world.

well, not all, really, hehe, but since today is free thanks to it being midsummer's eve, i'm good. still feel unwell though, so i had to stay home today while marp go attend a really nice midsummer's eve party with our friends at a lovely cabin in the woods. boo. boo!

still, very nice to get the rest, and did i mention how nice it is to finally be HOME? am gearing up for a mad men marathon. am also looking through the zillions of photographs and mini-videos i took last weekend.

seriously, the nick cave concert was MAGIC, and yet when i see my filmed clips, he both looks and sounds mainly like a random drunk homeless man on stage warbling. however, live, he's anything but, he's supervibrant and intense and sounds massively cool. strange thing, that.

will post more later, most likely. marp left plenty of bacardi breezers and ciders for me to snarf down and get googly off of. hope you all are well! :)

Sat, Jun. 20th, 2009 05:22 am (UTC)

good to hear from you :)

and yayy for gigs.. I've just been to see one of my fav bands ever two weekends in a row! heh..

I saw Nick Cave earlier, and he is just spectatcular! I was a fan before seeing him but afterwards it was a full on girly crush.. haha