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Mon, Aug. 3rd, 2009, 02:15 am
po-po-po-po-po-poker face...

yey, i finally got to see lady gaga last night, and she was fab, as expected. catchy songs, fancy show and amazing attitude and energy (considering she was performing at a tiny town in northern sweden..) ppl absolutely loved it, the crowd was INSANE and the plaza was packed to the max.. very cool).

fun chick! i especially liked her by the piano, all cabaret-style. the teenage boys in the crowd almost died when she stepped up on the pianostool and bent over lavishly, showing off her derriére. hahaha. :)

click photo's to view larger. (it was hard to take piccies due to being bounced around by crowd a looooot..)

(Deleted comment)

Mon, Aug. 3rd, 2009 12:11 pm (UTC)

thanks! :)

yeah, it was a real piano - she played a new song on it, and a slow version of "poker face" and she did enough random little piano-tinkling for me to believe it's a real piano, filled with bubbles.

she's a lot of fun! i think it's good to be open to just plain listening to whatever makes you feel into it. my love for charismatic front women will never die, and when combined with flamboyant behaviour and catchy songs (and, say, a piano.. hahaha), it always gets me.

i'm seeing madonna next saturday and couldn't be more excited. meanwhile, i've gotten the snooty eye from some of our friends that we often go to shows with/run into at shows, when i gush about getting to see madonna. i find this hilarious. it's MADONNA! why wouldn't i be excited?

music snootiness never brings the joy. i go to tiny shows, i go to huge shows, and i'm usually equally entertained. with madonna, i'm looking forward to being showered with awesome visuals, dancing, and getting to SING with some fave songs from my teens. what more can you ask for, y'know? (i may not get pictures, though - am expecting to not make it far up front due to fanatic fans in droves, and security might not let me take the camera in..)

i shoot all concert photo's in manual mode, BUT, really - it's usually the same "formula" to it, and when i figured out that sepia often helps me get sharper pics with more detail, things got a lot easier.

it still requires being up front at all shows, but then i always prefer to be close to the stage anyway because it's usually easier to have a rail for support. and in sweden, not all shows are where the audience pushes like crazy. it all depends. :)