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Fri, Aug. 21st, 2009, 10:20 am
friday friday friiiday

yey, it's almost the weekeend. a few more hours (ok, if 6 hrs can be called "a few") and then i get to go home. fab!

so, we got the keys to our summerhouse (which sounds silly to say, it's perfectly fine to use year-round and we plan to) on monday. huuuge milestone. it's the first time for me actually owning a home (well, the bank owns most of it together with marp for now, heh). feels awesome.

i love that for the first time ever, i can (albeit limited to what my partner agrees to) do whatever i please. see a pretty plant? i can buy it and plant it and voila! it's in my garden! heh heh.

the first thing we did monday when we got to the house was to check and see what the previous owner left us (quite a lot - some furniture, some gardening tools, lots of stuff in the kitchen, like silverware and glasses) and then... we started doing crap in the garden. ha ha!

i quickly discovered that i love pruning and cutting stuff up. the garden is very pretty as is, but hasn't been cared for much for at least a few years, so we mainly have to tend to all the bushes and trees. i especially enjoyed removing dried up bits from a huge rosebush and cutting up into itty-bitty bits.

all week long i've gone on shopping expeditions with marp after work. so much stuff to buy! gardening gloves and tools and machines and decorations... so much fun. also, we bought this cute sofa from a nice woman online:

tomorrow, we're going to see coldplay. should be fun. sunday? we're bringing all our looooot to our hoooouse. hee!

ok. back to work.