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Fri, Sep. 18th, 2009, 04:27 pm
...our summerhouse, the garden, etc. (image-heavy)

ok, so i finally had time to unload photo's from my mobile phone... so here you go, those who've asked for it: pictures from our house, now that we are slowly getting it in order. :)

this is the lush view we have from our front porch. i hate that autumn is coming and will make all those gorgeous trees naked.. but for now, things look swell. sigh. especially that huge birch tree to the left. it's amazing. you can fit something like 12-15 people underneath it without anybody touching a branch. it's HUGE. we will add a bench around the trunk one day so that it can be used as a spot to sit and read. unless we think of something more cool. :)

as we were working a bit on the porch, marp discovered that the previous owner had set stepping stone plates that were hidden under the grass. d'oh! marp uncovered these four - apparently there are at least four more in another row, but i refuse to uncover them because i think this looks cute enough.. (we've found hidden stepping stones in 3-4 other places as well. the previous owner was awesome at garden planning.. am very grateful because it saves us so much work!)

our porch! obviously, lots more will be done eventually, but the current incarnation is pretty sweet, i think. i've already fell asleep on that couch once. it was awesome.

from the porch, you can enter our livingroom. the furniture and the stuff on the walls is from the previous owner. we will change it eventually, but for now, it totally works. really love the table.

this is the candle-holder thingy we bought a month ago to celebrate us getting the house in the first place. i love that i can add tacky decorations and make it fit any season. it looks adorable out in the indoor patio-room. :)

some of the stuff in the kitchen is from the former owner. i've added anything tacky and colourful, of course, haha, including the plastic wine glasses. hey, they work in a summer house, me thinks...

we have at least 3 apple-trees in our front lawn:

this is very small and cute, with tangy apples.

this is huuuuge, with loads of fruit. unfortunately, every single apple has a weird apple skin-disease this year, so haven't tasted it. am taking preventive measures so that hopefully next year's crop will come out better... it looks very pretty, though.

and then we found this last weekend, purely by accident! it's SO CUTE! bright red tangy apples, and the funny thing is, half the tree carries yellow-green apples... love it. :D

i brought home something like 15 small red apples. so cute!

we have an enormous garden, though, so there is a neverending list of tasks to do. luckily, we love all the tasks. for instance, i enjoyed hacking my way through this bit to uncover a small garden path that was overgrown. very swedish jungle, no? :)

and we've managed to plant at least some of the trees and bushes and plants we've bought. here's the elderberry-bush i planted. how round is that hole? i am a MASTER at digging holes, apparently, hahaha.

ok. that's it for the tour - off to go see a movie with the marp! :D

Fri, Sep. 18th, 2009 04:02 pm (UTC)

I'm completely in love with your summerhouse. :)

Sat, Sep. 19th, 2009 07:45 am (UTC)

oh yeah.. I want your summerhouse to be my everyday house! hehehehe..