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Sun, Sep. 20th, 2009, 08:55 am
i love you, weekend

we're having the best time ever this weekend doing absolutely nothing.

you know how sometimes ppl say "It's the first time we've done this in i don't even know how long"? well. this is the first time we have a full weekend at home in our apartment with absolutely nothing planned in i don't even know how long.

seriously. we tried to figure out when the last time was that we could stay home a full saturday and sunday in a row without "having" to leave for the summer house, or a concert, or travelling someplace, or shopping, OR when we were resting up after concerts/travels that happened during the week, and we're coming up blank.

i think we may have had a two-day weekend back may - may 30th-31st. i just looked through the calendar and yup, seems about right. so, yey for us! we are enjoying the shit out of this weekend. :D

watched a fun, geeky movie last night: frequently asked questions about time travel. it was cute and fun, slightly (i said slightly!) similar in feel to our beloved shaun of the dead, except more made-for-tv-esque.

and now... tea with stroopwafels for breakfast, wee!

tomorrow afternoon, we go to oslo to see tori amos. am quite wary of this. i don't know. stopped by a few tori-forums to get caught up on setlists and whatnot and was a) reminded that there might be some crazed fans following the tour that might elbow me out of an OK spot, and b) saw some tori-pictures and... sigh. she looks quite alien. it's weirding me out.

that said, if i know tori well enough, she'll put on a good show. i saw her in oslo 2005 and she was in a great mood, so fingers crossed for tomorrow...