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Fri, Oct. 16th, 2009, 03:58 am
hello new york :D how're YOU doin'? etc

currently munching on doritos (cool ranch, oh how i've missed you, the swedish doritos are so not the same!) on our very comfy hotel bed in tribeca.

our trip went well - we spent most of the flight to iceland and from iceland to new york playing games on the icelandair console thingy. i also watched in america, which was sweet.

less sweet was getting to jfk airport and discovering that my suitcase has been lost somewhere along the way. boo. and i did a rookie mistake and didn't bring an extra change of clothes separately. but whatever.

hoping the suitcase gets here tomorrow..

talked to my college friend, gene, for the first time in several years (er, on the phone, i mean, obviously we keep in touch in other ways, haha). felt weeeird! he sounded just the same as i remember, yet it's been so long since we talked. can't wait to meet up tomorrow. :)

we are SO excited to finally have started our 2+ week usa-trip! wee! (we brought our netbook and have internet access at the hotel, so i'll post updates here and there along the way, i'm sure.)

ok. it's 4 am. think it's time to sleep..