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Sat, Oct. 24th, 2009, 02:57 am
san francisco rocks!

first of all, thank you all for your lovely congratulations to our wedding news! i will definitely do a longer post on that one of these days. suffice to say, i'm quite happy to now loll around as a married lady. it's awesome.

visiting north carolina was unbelievably nice. it was so great to get to introduce marp to my "adopted"NC-family. going to the state fair, hanging out to chat up a storm, showing marp my school and having him meet my old professor/boss, and especially having him get to know thebunnybin and her fantastic family was just magic. marp got to carve his first pumpkin and did a great job at it too! will post further as the trip goes along..

have spent a day in san francisco with great hosts, zipping around everywhere and snapping about a million pictures. it's a really, really fantastic city. so, we're staying one more day. yey! and thanks to nymsa and her husband's wonderful guiding & hosting, we're sure to get the most out of the day. :D

on sunday, we will start going down the california coastline by ourselves, hitting things like santa cruz and monterey along the way. will post more then.

our honeymoon is simply amazing, thanks to really fabulous american cities, but mostly thanks to all our gracious hosts and friends along the way, ever since we first got here over a week ago. thank you ALL! we are so happy to have you all with us for this amazing trip. :D

wee, 9 more days to go!

Sat, Oct. 24th, 2009 04:16 pm (UTC)

wow! You got married?! How did I miss that!? CONGRATS!!!!!!