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Thu, Oct. 29th, 2009, 10:20 am
LA, baby!

Travels are going well - stayed an extra 2 days in San Francisco (3 in total) because it was just so ridiculously nice. Drove across the Golden Gate bridge to Muir Woods and looked at redwoods. Very cool. :)

Have gone down the coast, staying in Monterey and San Simeon. Went to the Aquarium in Monterey, saw sea otters being fed and sharks swimming by. Very, very cool. Accidentally dipped my brand new canon g11 in the water as I tried to pet a bat ray swimming bay. Less cool. We got it dried out and it's working so.. phew.

Continued down the coast, the 17-mile drive by Carmel was fantastic (sunset by cliffs = breathtaking), the snakey roads from Big Sur with mountains and ocean were gorgeous. Carmel is a really odd and cute tiny town, and seeing Hearst Castle (where W.R. Hearst lived) in
San Simeon was like seeing a heaven. Absolutely stunning place. Hearst Castle had the best scent I've ever laid my nose on. Citrus-vanilla-rose and fresh mountain air. Just nuts.

We're now in LA. We were originally just gonna stay a day, but it's really nice so we're staying two because Mats discovered that R. Crumb is doing his first public appearance in the US in 15 years at UCLA tonight, so we're going to that.

Sunset at Santa Monica Pier was really something last night, and before that we went up tiny, steep roads up toward the Hollywood sign to take cheesecake pictures. Speaking of cheesecake, dinner at The Cheesecake Factory in The Grove-mall was just so, so deliciousc. I had edamame and sheperd's pie, haha! Brought a piece of the pumpkin cheesecake back to the hotel. Sooo yummie.

Tomorrow we go to Las Vegas, hopefully by going through the Mojave National Preserve. Because we've chosen to just go with the flow rather than stress to follow a tight schedule (hello, it IS our honeymoon) to see eeeeverything, we've cut outa few destinations we previously had planned to visit (like Death Valley, boo, and Grand Canyon). Hey, all the more reason to come back, right? Hehehe.

That's the trip so far! We're getting ready to scoot over to Universal Studios now, hehe!

Later gater!