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Tue, Nov. 3rd, 2009, 02:43 pm

left las vegas sunday afternoon. flying out of mcarran airport just after sunset is quite spectacular. had an amazingly comfy flight with condor, a german company i'd never heard of before.

they did it old school-style, with blankies and pillows laid out from start, full service beverage-cart that didn't charge for the beer and wine (not that i ever drink either on flights, i always go for still water and possibly some orange juice, it's so damn dry up there), and several meals, none too bad. also, they showed plenty of in-flight entertainment, including a supercute documentary on pandas (panda panda!), an old, fun episode of psych
(the one with the spellning bee), and ice age 3.

3 hrs in frankfurt also passed quite quickly. when we got to stockholm, we discovered that my suitcase wasn't showing up on the luggage belt. SIGH. just got it now, the day after, just before 3 pm.

this time, i was mainly annoyed because i specifically took the day off to do laundry and rest, and instead had to wait hours for the suitcase (they called at 8 am telling me it'd show up between 10 am-1 pm. at 1.30 pm, a lady called and said she was running late).

also, it felt really weird when it turned out a lady in her 50s was the delivery service person. i felt awful having her lug my 50-lb suitcase all the way to the top (3rd floor..), but not awful enough not to have her do it, since i know i couldn't and hey, i guess it is her job. "what do you have in there, lead?" she said with a smile. um. whatever? not your business.

of course, this wasn't as anxiety-inducing as when they lost this same suitcase when we first went to new york a few weeks ago. when the suitcase didn't show at JFK, it was surreal having to go "...but my wedding dress is in there!" .. it was even more surreal when the staff person responded with "oh no you did NOT put your wedding dress in there!"..

oh, right, so i wasn't supposed to pack my wedding dress, i was supposed to do what, cram it into the overhead compartment with cabin luggage? i'm sure there's some special baggage-option that i don't know about, but still. way to not calm me, heh.

the wedding dress showed up at my hotel at 4.30 am on the saturday. our ceremony in strawberry fields, central park, was scheduled for 2 pm. also, until 8 pm the night before, there was no word where my bag was, whatsoever, so i spent most of that day thinking up strategies for procuring something else to wear, seeing as _all_ my clothes were in that same suitcase leaving me no other option.

but hey, it worked out. i hung the dress in the bathroom and turned on the hot shower and had it sit in steam to make it not be quite such a wrinkled mess, and it worked. because the suitcase had been lost so long, it disrupted a lot of our plans, so in the end i got married wearing my usual reebok sneakers, hahaha, because i hadn't had the time to go buy new shoes. hey, it worked, and we were outdoors, so whatever.

and now the suitcase is back here in sweden, as are we. marp is working, i'm unpacking and trying to rest and will run some laundry. that is, if i'm not too distracted by the ENORMOUS loads of LOOT we brought home!

we bought so much fun stuff. love it! although it felt awkward trying to explain why a huge pair of soft shoes with big Krusty The Clown-heads on them kept poking out of the top of my carry-on luggage. universal studios was so much fun, heh heh heh.

ok. just having a few more saltwater taffys from san francisco and then i'm doing laundry. honest!

hrm. :D

Tue, Nov. 3rd, 2009 06:01 pm (UTC)

welcome home married people!

i can't believe they lost your bag on the way back! it's a big hard sided brightly colored suitcase! how do you lose that?

rest up, settle in. then post lots and lots of stories and piiiiiiiictures omg! :)

(shall i presume that your likenesses are fair to post on flickr unless told otherwise, or would you like a screening process in place?)

Edited at 2009-11-03 06:02 pm (UTC)

Wed, Nov. 4th, 2009 02:05 am (UTC)
somabish: thank you!

it feels reeeeally strange. like, where the hell are the palm trees?!? hahahaa. :D

we're definitely settling in - marp worked today, i did not, but will tomorrow. will be strange, feels like months since i was there. ugh. but will be fun to see workmates again, and tell them stories!

will definitely be posting stories and pictures soon - gosh, this trip was just MASSIVE! (thank you for helping us make it so great, we loved san francisco!)

posting my likeness on flickr is totally fine, marp is, as you know, very private online, so he'd prefer to not have his picture posted. :)

edited to add: forgot to say that marp is fine with pics featuring him are fine in friends-locked entries on livejournal. he mainly just doesn't want to be "searchable" online, if that makes sense.. he sure married the right woman for that, eh? hahaha. :D

Edited at 2009-11-04 02:11 am (UTC)

Fri, Nov. 6th, 2009 02:53 am (UTC)
nymsa: Re: thank you!

i bet! it always feels so odd coming home to a different landscape after a long trip!

how is the return to work treating you?

i'm so thrilled that you loved it and that we helped make that happen! (except when we threatened you with icky crabs and disappearing roads.) ;) really it was a very special weekend for us as well.

i will follow marp's instructions, lest he gather a huge cult internet following. ::firm nod:: (actually, i'd be exactly the same way. how does he feel about friends-locked flickr posting?)

also, i have a total of 3.5g of photos from the weekend. can i upload them to you somewhere? can i mail you a dvd? i'd like you to be able to have them (and don't mind if you want to use any of them, for that matter) because more photos and memories are always good.