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Thu, Dec. 3rd, 2009, 12:10 am

saw a poster today announcing there will be a science fiction fan convention this weekend in stockholm featuring michael ironside (v! etc), the dude who plays pinhead in hellraiser, and....

edward furlong.


edward furlong!

i was so obsessed with terminator II when it came. for a year or two, i plastered my wall with posters, incessantly watched my vhs-copy, etc. my friend h was also obsessed, haha, and we both thought edward furlong was the bee's knees. we even acquired a crush on a boy who looked just like him in 8th grade (i think). we codenamed him eddie and spent a few exciting weeks putting anonymous notes in his art folder and locker at school.

(then i discovered he was friends with my cousin. once when i was at my cousin's, he showed up with a few other kids and i had that whole disappointing experience of realizing the poor sod was just plain a regular guy at school, haha. the crush ended. he really did look like eddie furlong, though, including the haircut. if i remembered his name, i would totally go look him up on facebook now. i hope he doesn't have cokebloat (or whatever it is) like eddie...)


so first i got very excited and figured it'd be so much fun to go and gawk. then reality caught up and i realized i'd feel so awkward going to gawk at adult edward furlong at a fan con hawking autographs and pictures. i also googled some recent pictures from other conventions and .. nah. don't want to ruin my teen crush.

so. no eddie for me. michael ironside would RULE, though, but convention settings seem so depressing and awkward so.. won't go. i guess i prefer gawking at peeps i like when they're on a stage, working for my money, hehe.

speaking of... seeing regina spektor next week! TWICE! so excited.

now if only work would calm down a bit.. i received 50+ e-mails at work today. considering i have no employees to communicate with and don't really belong to a department of peers, 50 e-mails in a day seems way excessive. my boss claims it shows how vaaaaluable i am to the company. i think it shows that i'm too nice and let people get away with having me do things unrelated to my position. oh well.

friday is the office christmas party. yey..

Wed, Dec. 2nd, 2009 11:15 pm (UTC)

I use to have a huge crush on edward furlong.. haha.. I even have his CD somewhere..