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Mon, Dec. 14th, 2009, 08:29 pm

so, you know how extreme home makeover can do that thing where you start to bawl and sob over the niceness and the happy people and all? try that times ten and you have a pretty good image of me right now.

i'm watching the annual "swedish heroes"-gala on tv where 6 heroes that have done random awesome things this year are rewarded. it's so COOL! love it. bawl, bawl, etc. :D

this year, the heroes are (as elected through public nominations and voting via TV and the largest newspaper in sweden):

- sam (88 y.o.) and stina (83 y.o.), a couple who have spent 58 years housing and caring for homeless people
- liv (10 y.o.), a young girl who faught back against being bullied in school and started actions that helped turn bullies around
- anna (68 y.o.), who for 18 years have helped paperless refugees get medical care
- moussa, (38 y.o.), who have spent 9 years coaching kids and helping kids stay out of trouble
- hossein (37 y.o.), who saw a six-year-old boy fall out of a window on the sixth floor, and climbed on top of a thingy to act as a human shield and caught the boy, breaking the boy's fall
- madelene (28 y.o.), who saw a girl being harassed on the bus by a man who then got of and seemingly went after the girl. madelene got off the bus to follow them because she got a sense that something was amiss, and found that the man was in the middle of a violent attack on the girl he had previously harassed on the bus. madelene stopped the attack, most likely preventing a rape from being carried out.

the heroes get to go on stage and receive an award and standing ovations from an audience full of celebrities and regular people, and then they get some a prize (madelene just got a trip for 2 to mexico).

love it. :D

sob, sob, etc. :D

Mon, Dec. 14th, 2009 08:21 pm (UTC)

Wow, that's a great bunch of true heroes. I'm close to sobbing just from reading your post :)