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Fri, Jan. 1st, 2010, 03:41 pm
happy new year!

spent the day in northern sweden with marp's family. saw some awesome fireworks. yey!

am now spending the first day of the year the only way a proper swedish person should - watching Ivanhoe, from 1982. i love our crazy swedish tv-traditions.

of course, i am not a traditionalist through and through: i think ivanhoe is a jackass for even looking at smug rebecca - lady rowena ftw! also, sam neill 1982 = HOTTT.

hehe. of course, i've held this same opinion since the mid-80s when i first saw ivanhoe, so i guess that is a tradition, as well.

will try and do a "2009"-meme later - i like doing a proper bookend. but again - ivanhoe. 8)