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Mon, Aug. 9th, 2010, 12:01 pm
i'm SO S-M-R-T!

hahaha! so i'm in copenhagen, denmark today (and tomorrow) on a job trip.

i had to leave home at 4.40 a.m. this morning to make my 6.50 a.m. flight and i think i finally fell asleep around 2 a.m. this morning.

what i'm trying to say is.. i'm not exactly the working with the most rested brain here. bodes very well for the three-hr training i'm to give (from 4 pm-7 pm! if only they'd told me before i got the flight booked... nothing like delivering a training 12 hrs after you got up from 2 hrs of sleep).


so i got to copenhagen airport and decided to get some cash for those just-in-case occasions. it was early, i was in a rush, and somehow i came to the conclusion that denmark uses euros. so i went to a machine and found that the smallest they'd give me was 100 euro (= $132!), but i figured i could always exchange it back to swedish kr tomorrow.

since i figured smaller bills are always easier ("hi sir, can you please break my $132-bill so i can buy that $2-icecream in your store?" is usually not popular..) i went to the bank teller window and asked her to break it for me.

she looked at me like she just caught a whif of something smelly and then said "sure, but i can only break it into two 50-bills .. you know, this really isn't considered a large bill so you don't really need to have much smaller.."

$132 isn't considered a lotta money? whatever, lady! i took my two 50 euro-bills and left to grab a cab.

...and then, the cab fare totalled 156 Danish Kroners. and i realized... Denmark uses their own currency, kroner, not euros. and what i had was 100 danish kroner, not 100 euros. 100 danish kroner = $17.

i basically asked the girl to break $17 into "smaller bills" ...

no wonder she looked at me like i kinda smelled. :D


BTW.. the cab driver couldn't quite find the new company office so i had him drop me off so i could locate it by foot.

i was... quite worried when the only building that wasn't a regular family-home had a huge sign reading "PSYCHIATRIC CENTER" on it.

luckily, i eventually found another building further down. the building had no signs or street number, and was very obviously in the process of still being built, but when i looked up i saw a blonde girl with a phone headset on in a window 4 stories up. score! i can always sniff out a call center, hehehe.

that's my day and i'm sticking to it.