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Tue, Oct. 12th, 2010, 10:43 pm
i saw john cleese :D


John Cleese in Stockholm

more photo's are over at killtoknow.org, as always.

it was a lovely evening. the show consisted of part stand-up (mainly needling his ex-wife and stories about his mother), autobiographical anecdotes from childhood and onward, and many little bits about how his career got started, how monty python got started and worked, lots about graham chapman, fawlty towers and a fish called wanda.

we had superseats (front row, center!) so we spent the whole show staring up at mr cleese, hahaha. the best bit for us personally was probably when he re-enacted a scene from real life mr sinclair, the inspiration for basil fawlty, and he chose to stare intensely at my husband (to illustrate how mr sinclair stared at terry gilliam as he cut up a steak "the american way".) for a good half a minute hahaha. :D

really nice show, and it was extra fun because he also showed many clips from his career. getting to laugh like a kid with a full theater of people at the black knight bellowing about a "fleshwound" with the man himself a few feet away.. soooo geeky-fun. sigh. anyway.

i've been quiet here lately - lots and lots upon heaps of work stress is mainly the cause of that. this should reach a peak next wednesday, which will be the last day of work before marp and i go back to california next thursday! wee!

we'll be flying into las vegas, driving off to death valley, then east to san francisco, then down the coast (like our honeymoon last year..), a couple of days in l.a., then go through palm springs and the mojave back to las vegas for yet another halloween (hopefully catching CHER in concert! haha!).

sigh. i can't tell you how great my urge is for some big ocean views, glowy red sea sunsets, and PALM TREEEEEES!

more another day.