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Sat, Jan. 15th, 2011, 05:47 pm
the jungle book!

I gave Marp tickets for Christmas to go see "the jungle book" at a Stockholm theater. We went Wednesday night and it was fantastic! It's geared towards kids from ages 7 and up, but it worked very well for adults as well, with plenty of pop culture references (Mowgli using the crane kick from Karate Kid, for instance) that made it fun for us too.

Set in a future Stockholm with the animals hiding in an urban jungle and loaded with song, dance, silly jokes and really neat stage fights, we loved it. In fact, we're giving tickets to a friend for his birthday today to come see it with us again in august. Fun!

Not my photo's:

This is Baloo the bear.

Bagheera the black panther (who was sooo cool!). There was a group of guys in their late teens sitting in front of us who had major freak-outs about Bagheera being played as a transvestite. Since we sat in the second row, the teens in the first, they were served many moments where Bagheera acted out scenes right by them as they continued to freak out. I love that the director created this Bagheera - the actor was really good, both sassy and masculine and with a great message to Mowgli about being, well, yourself.

Kaah - supercool snake-version. The actress did a great job of working hypnotic snake-charms while also wielding her Kill Bill-sword.

Really creepy Shere Khan, the tiger. He had huge retractable steel blades that he would whip out.. creepy.

Also, there were a couple of hilarious monkeys dressed like Stockholm club preppies who were incredibly funny. Towards the end, one of the actors had a giggle-attack and couldn't continue his bit for a while - it was great fun as the actor and the audience cracked up simultaneously.

Anyway. So glad we went to see this. Now onward with my evening - am watching Close Encounters of the third kind, haven't seen it in 15 or so years! :)

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