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Tue, Mar. 8th, 2011, 12:51 pm

Haha, man - considering I now have a smartphone with LJ-app, internetaccess at work, at home, and everywhere else, and READ ONLINE EVERY DAY, I am really crap at posting entries.

I started blogging/journaling april 1997. I still enjoy it, and plan to continue it in whatever form because I like having little glimpses and traces left. I think photographing snapshots with my camera is part of that.

I think with finding a consistent stability in my own life, I find less occasion to mark things and that's why i post less? I've had the same job for over 6 years, same partner, same city. I have comfortable routines and so mainly post when something unusual happens (concert, trip, etc). Of course, now concerts and trip feel less like out of the ordinary, so I refrain from feeling the "ooh, must post!"-urge as well.

For instance... two weeks ago, we went to Paris & London, hahaha. We specifically went to see PJ Harvey in concert. The trip was wonderful, the hotels were awesome, as were the concerts. I keep meaning to post pictures, haha, but can't seem to get the energy for it.

Maybe I'm just lazy? Hehe. I'm lazy in my thirties and loving it? Yeah. Yeah, that's it. So, now you know - I'm here, just suffering from enormous laziness. :D

(Going back to Paris next week, this time for work - wee!)

Ok. No point to this, as always - wanted to give a lifesign. Hi!