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Sun, Jun. 12th, 2011, 02:47 am
nostalgia moment of the week

we went and saw bryan adams play at gröna lund on thursday. it was great fun (and cheap, hehe - didn't need a ticket, just our season entry pass that'll let us into the amusement park all 2011), particularly for me. my very first large venue concert was bryan adams in the mid-90s, also in stockholm. awww. :)

i didn't have friends that were into "music" as a teenager, haha. (i do recall a friend express that she was more into "whalesong" though..) and growing up in a tiny swedish town without friends who wanted to tag along to a show meant i was beyond thrilled to say yes the one time a group of girls i went to spanish class with suggested we go up to stockholm to see bryan adams. stockholm? a real concert? yes please!

i pretty much knew 2 songs, "summer of 69" and "everything i do, i do it for you." the later i recall having a very intense fling with, hahahaha - i wanted to learn to play the piano part (i don't play piano) so i remember taping the song from the vinyl single onto a cassette tape on repeat. the tape was 40 minutes long total, so 20 min of the song per side. wow. i can't remember the last time i played a cassette tape, but i remember this.

anyway. so we went to stockholm and to the show, beyond excited. it was a really nice summer evening, just like the show this week, and the dude put on a good, eh, bryan adams-show. i remember getting fed up being crushed up front back then and leaving to go to the side of the arena to rest up. as i was standing by a fenced in part of the arena, suddenly i saw bryan adams and his band jog toward and then past me on their way to a mini-stage out in the middle of the audience. "hey!" beamed bryan at teenage-me. "..hey!" teenage-me said back. my friends were so jealous, they had me retell the story over and over the rest of the weekend.

i have no idea how many shows i've been to since that first bryan adams show - probably around 250, if i had to guess? no clue. (i average maybe 25-30 a year, though obviously some occur during festivals) it was fun seeing adams again, although i now have more jaded eyes than teen-me did.

the show was fun, nostalgic, the weather fantastic, and the audience ate it up. if anything, i was shocked at how into it everyone was, especially teenagers - the dude hasn't had a big song in years but still had everyone singing along to most everything, and squealing. witness the tree girls:

there were even teen girls around me screeeeaming as if it was the jonas brothers on stage. erm. okay.

anyway. the summer is coming along wonderfully so far. work is... hectic and a bit of a madhouse, but what else is new. and on wednesday, nostalgia-fest continues as we will go see cyndi lauper again, haha!

okay. time for bed. cin cin!

Sun, Jun. 12th, 2011 03:39 pm (UTC)

Did he yell hi at you this time?

Mon, Jun. 13th, 2011 01:00 am (UTC)

Oops, the mobile livejournal on my phone didn't show me the whole entry, but I did remember that he either shouted Hi or Hey at you...