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Wed, Nov. 2nd, 2011, 06:53 pm
why buy just one?

as if i needed more proof that i have a slight problem with setting limits for things i enjoy..

"oh, i should order that book today. hmmmm, oh hey, i should add that one as well. hmmmm... i wonder if there are more books kind of like that one... hmmmm, i wonder if the top ten list is any fun... hmmmm.." - 8 books later....

ok, in my defense, i only bought 11 of these today, the rest i got since july... hey, it was 20% off today on ALL nail polish, regardless brand. and i really love that shatter-effect polish i used for halloween. hrm. hrrrrm. yeah.

in other news, it would be easier posting updates here if the letters h and g weren't currently stuck in my keyboard, making typing an enormous chore. i have to manually insert each h and g. frrrr.