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Mon, Nov. 14th, 2011, 09:40 pm
H!! (and a dangerous method)

discovering i almost managed the last entry completely without fault (almost..) as i painstakingly entered each h and g missing by copy and pasting, one by one... and then just now catching a lacking h in the a href html tag, making none of the links work.. tsk, tsk tsk!

anyway. we saw david cronenberg's new movie, A Dangerous Method, tonight at the film festival. hated it. sorry. am very disappointed. boo. BOO. from the 7.4 rating on imdb, i seem to be in the minority, so whatever. i guess it's just me. le sigh.

i'd elaborate, but i'm unsure if it's in widespread release yet so, eh, whatevs. just... boo. :/

on a bright note, marp is elated, he just found a great old vinyl record player with speakers dumped by someone outside. will snag it and bring to the summerhouse next year. mmmm, viiinyl. snap crackle and pop, galore!

in other news.. i have been asked to run the local office ginger bread house contest. MUAAUAUA. any suggestions for a winning gingerbread house concept welcome..