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Sat, Dec. 10th, 2011, 11:29 am

our lovely (fat) tv started glitching. marp decided to open it up and fix it, because he apparently does that. he's been going over it in detail, soldering things and poking at other things, etc. after a week, he's finally getting ready to put it back together.

me (always nervous around electrical things that might malfunction): what if we turn it back on and it explodes????
marp: oh, a tv can't explode, it has vacuum and will instead implode, so no worries.

oh. good to know. hee. :D

tonight, it's off to see paul mccartney in concert! very excited! i've never really listened much to the beatles, though i've seen a lot of documentaries and read a lot about them (since i like reading about music history). after seeing the fantastic george harrison-documentary a few weeks ago, my interest is renewed. (and i guess marrying in "strawberry fields" has raised my beatles-awareness level, haha).

to prepare, since i read that mccartney plays close to 40 songs (!) in concert, i've been trying to familiarize myself with the songs i haven't really heard before (= a LOT. haven't even really heard eleanor rigby..). i think my favourite new song-acquaintance has been "helter skelter" which i've previously only read about, never heard before. wildly neat song!. anyway. looking forward to tonight, to say the least!

you know. if we avoid death by tv first...