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Mon, May. 7th, 2012, 06:18 pm
spring at our house

the brook in our garden is always the best this time of year. we find the weirdest stuff in the brook, though - porcelain dishes, drinking glass.. and there's lots of little tiny crayfish babies there this time of year.

very swedish signs of spring: primula veris (gullviva) and anemone nemorosa (vitsippa).

the crazy juniper behind our house. it unfortunately died (well, most of it) last winter, so i've taken the saw to it, leaving this, eh.. SPECIAL tree, for now.

yellow forsythia bush and a plum-tree that gives miniature plums in bloom. the whole plum tree was humming with bees, which i hope will pay off in massive amount of plums this summer. the funny thing is, the first two summers we thought the tree was dead (and that it was a cherry tree, haha). last year we were thinking about removing the tree only to see that it had at least a few green leaves.. and suddenly at the end of summer, there were cherries. only.. i picked a cherry to try it and almost fell over when i bit into it and realized it was a teeny-tiny plum. this year, as you can see, it's blossoming like crazy, so we're definitely leaving it up!

mmm, blooossooooms.

muscari armeniacum that we planted last year.

Nymphalis urticae butterfly, wee!

and the rhubarbs are coming up! can't wait to pick some stalks and make rhubarb cream with cinnamon in a couple of weeks. so glad we planted these.

and, to my great amusement, a few pansies are showing up - i had some in the garden last year but several feet away, so these ones are sprouting all on their own. glad it's my favourite colour-combo, too!

i can't wait - in about a month, i will be sprawled on a blanket reading some cheesy book in the sun on this very grass spot.

and that concludes the garden tour. :)